NaNoWriMo-Inspired Travel Mug on Sale Now!!

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A travel mug inspired by the super-writer in all of us! I’m going to have one of these babies right next to me while I reach my NaNo goals every day. Mine is actually on it’s way to me right now and I can’t wait for it to get here!

This travel mug is on sale until midnight tonight PT!! $5 OFF + FREE SHIPPING

>> You HAVE to use THIS link to use this discount! <<

Whispering hint: I’m going to have one of these bad boys as a giveaway starting October 14. Make sure you check back for that!

I’m also going to be doing a NaNo video this week as part of my new series – Writerly Wednesdays. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know I’ve been upping my social media presence. Since I created this website for you guys to follow me along my journey to publication, this is an aspect I’ll be going into more detail about. Marketing can be such an interesting topic these days for self-publishers and I want to mimic those who tell-all about their journey reading to hopefully teach or inspire other beginning writers. Anyway, look forward to those Writerly Wednesday videos/posts!

What does your favorite writing mug look like??

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