Hello world!


Hello everyone, let me introduce you to my soon-to-be wonderful blog! This website will be used primarily to document my journey as a writer and aspiring author.

Items I plan to share with you:

  • Every step that I take in my journey towards becoming a published author, be that story ideas, word count goals or research
  • Advice that I develop along the way that could benefit other beginning writers like myself
  • Reviews of novels I have recently read, not just from a reader’s perspective but also a writer’s
  • Every single struggle that I have. Even if a post just starts out as a rant, it helps me to talk it out with someone…even if that someone is just myself. I hope that sharing these moments with you will show that writing is not always a perfect process, and that’s ok!
  • Any goals that I set for myself will be cataloged here to keep myself honest. This can include writing or reading goals.
  • My recommended writer’s craft books! This is one of the first places I go to when visiting a fellow writer’s blog. I love seeing what has helped others and want to share my own recommendations with you as well!

I’m sure there will be random tidbits I throw in on occasion but this should cover the majority of what I’ll be discussing.

Please feel free to comment if there’s any suggestions that you might have!

Happy writing!

Little Vivien Reis

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