Blood and Salt Review + GIVEAWAY!

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Details for the giveaway are at the end of this post – I’m sorry I know it’s long!

First off, let me start by saying I read this book within a 24 hour period. Let me also say that I haven’t done that since my teen years…AKA a really ridiculously long time ago.

Why did I read this book within a day?

Because it was ssoooo gooooooddd!

I feel for my boyfriend (and you should too) because he had to put up with me literally whining around the house the rest of the day until we went to bed. I needed extra cuddles to get over this book and honestly, I’m still not over it. I’ll have a book hangover from this one for a while.

Immediately when I closed the book I made my better half pause his NFL fantasy footballing on TV to hear me pour my heart out. Rather, try to gather the pieces back up because I felt like my heart was crushed by this book! Melodramatic? Yes. But is it a true statement? Yup. After my boyfriend dutifully paused the TV I jumped into an explanation of the novel so he could feel a shred of what I did. And that’s when I realized…

There’s a lot of story-building in this book. For the length of the novel, I was surprised by how much I felt I needed to explain to Steven. There was a world within this tiny plot of corn that was deeper than I initially thought. And it took explaining it to Steven to realize. Guess what that did? It made it worse! It made me realize how much I’m going to miss this little treasure of a book. No, I know it’s not going anywhere, but I am. I can’t spend eternity in this world and now how am I going to get back to real life? I’ve got work to do and bills to pay but do they pay bills in Quivira? NO. So I’m not either!

….Just kidding. That would be nice.

In all seriousness, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. In the first page we discover that Ash has a ghost she has seen her entire life at various times. The girl-ghost is always hanging upside down, blood trickling from her dead fingers. This eerie feeling follows you throughout the story and I loved that! Some people complained about the corn…I definitely thought it was creepy and I’m wondering why other’s didn’t feel that way.

Is this novel like Children of the Corn? I can definitely see the similarities. The parallels are more focuses toward the end of this book but there’s corn and there’s death and there’s a cult. How similar do people really want it?

My favorite character is definitely Beth. She’s just so quirky and strange, she reminds me of Luna Lovegood. And who doesn’t love Luna?

Also, there were a few points this story reminded me of Pocahontas. Particularly the mention of the Great Spirit and how a path in the corn is created with a gust of wind. We find out later that this is for a totally different reason, but you’ll have to read it to find out!

This book has very fast pacing. At times, it was a little too fast for me, which is why I took half a star off. It was only about 350 pages and I feel a good 100 more pages would have been perfect. There were times I just wanted to soak up the moment but it was quickly onto the next thing.

Also, I didn’t like that there were some pretty repetitive phrases throughout this book. There’s an instance where someone’s *cough* Ash’s hipbone gets touched by someone else *cough* Dane, and this is mentioned at least five more times. I kind of got sick of it.

And anyone that complains about the insta-love in this book…it says it’s like Romeo and Juliet…like everywhere. I typically HATE insta-love with a passion but it just worked in this book. Not only did I go into it knowing that I would be subjected to instant infatuation, but the way the Kim Liggett did it was absolutely perfect. The cult-building (see what I did there?) made their insta-love believable. Some of the people living in Quivira have this thing with scent and that contributes to them choosing their mate. Sounds weird when you spell it out like that, but you don’t doubt it for a second when you’re reading.

This book seriously has me excited about reading again. This is why I loved reading so much when I was younger (aka before engineering school squashed the fun out of it). There’s nothing better than the excitement and sorrow and just general FEELS you get with reading.

My favorite quote of this book: “Let go and let yourself fall.” I let myself go and fell in loovve with this book!

That said! I want to remind everyone of the giveaway I’m hosting for Blood and Salt and a cute mug cozy that I knitted 🙂

Click HERE to enter that giveaway!

I hope the people that have already entered don’t absolutely hate me BUT…I’m pushing back the deadline to enter! I know I know, I’m terrible. The new deadline is now Oct 16 at midnight EST. Just a reminder, this giveaway is international, so it doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll get the book to you!

Why am I pushing back the deadline to enter? I thought it was really strange that I hadn’t read the book I was giving away and now that I absolutely LOVED it, I want people reading this review to get a chance to enter. This should still be plenty of time for you guys to get it by Halloween (even those living overseas).

What are you reading? Any books to get you in the Halloween mood?

5 thoughts on “Blood and Salt Review + GIVEAWAY!

  1. I went to B&N last week with a list of 5 scary books to get, this was on the list. But, my boyfriend was rushing me and I left without it 🙁 I’m entering the giveaway and hope I win, it sounds awesome and I love reading scary books this time of the year.

  2. Juggling 2 right now. Although, I’ve also started and finished 2 other books since I started the 2 I’m still juggling. Did that make sense? This I one of my wish list books. Glad to see that you love it so much.

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